Embark on a boat voyage in a rarely-enjoyed part of Japan (Photo: Boat view – Ben Chaverin)

Shodoshima - Bike, Eat, and Learn

A tour for the energetic and adventurous traveler

Embark on a boat voyage in a rarely-enjoyed part of Japan (Photo: Boat view – Ben Chaverin)
Ben Chaverin   - 3 min read

The saddest thing about traveling to Japan, to me, is the fact that it's well-nigh impossible to see it all! There's so much, and as a traveler, you're often wondering what you're missing out on. However, sometimes the hidden gems will poke out their heads online, and when that happens, it's a huge opportunity.

One of these places is Shodoshima, a sun-kissed island embraced by the Seto Inland Sea, west of Kobe and Osaka.

Ignoring the delicious olive-themed foods, the fragrant soy sauce breweries, and the rich history of the island is impossible after spending just a few hours there:

Take a beautiful and comfortable ferry over the waves, which has amenities such as hot foot baths and an arcade!

Breathe in the morning ocean air
Breathe in the morning ocean air

Once there, one stop travelers shouldn't miss is the soy sauce factory where you can taste soy sauce-topped... ice cream! This might be scary to Western travelers, but might surprise you with its sweetness.

One issue I see tourists run into is getting stuck checking things off a list, and don't spend enough time just... being here. Shodoshima is not about checking sights off a list, it's about being immersed in Japan, the nature, the food, the history. Breathe in the air as you cycle through olive groves, sunlight touching your skin and the earthy scent filling your lungs. Find ancient temples and tranquil gardens, offering a respite from the everyday.

Here's what we can provide:

6:00 Gather at Kobe Port, luxury ferry to Shodoshima

9:30 Arrive Sakate Port, check and test e-bikes

10:00 Hishio-No-Sato ~ Regent in olives

11:00 Nakabu-An ~ Yamaroku Soy Sauce Factory

12:00 Awaji Dam ~ Seikenji Temple Café

12:30 Ride along the coast ~ Koyomi(To lunch)

1:00 Fresh Olive Noodle Lunch

2:00 Minori Gelato ~ Uchiumi Hachiman Shrine

3:00 Gorges Gallery ~ Morikuni Sake Brewery

4:00 MameMame Beer

5:00 Depart from Sakate Port

Best of all, a guide can help you understand the ancient traditions of the island and talk to the priests there! We'd love to help you make this possibility a reality.

If the beauty of this location interests you, please reach out to Japan Travel regarding this tour of Shodoshima!



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