Michinoku Hydrangea Festival

See many species of blooming hydrangeas

Grant Biberdorf   - 1 min read

Michinoku Hydrangea Park is open for a short time in the summer annually. The flower event is focused on the rainy-season flower, the ajisai, or hydrangea. Many hydrangeas here are harvested and sold throughout other areas of Japan. Michinoku Park offers a dedicated hydrangea garden that has a wide array of hydrangeas and over 40,000 blossoming flowers. Visitors can have a full viewing experience of hydrangeas along a 2 kilometer-long walking path.

Along the path, thousands of blooming hydrangeas surround the trail on every side. In the middle of the path, there is a place to get a meal and rest. Relax and take your time because there are resting places along the way. Enjoy a variety of hydrangea ranging from the Mountain Hydrangea, Hortensia, and Ezoajisai. Visitors who are tired of walking or are impaired may use a chargeable cart.

Selected as one of the "Hana Ikenobo Shoyo", it is part of the top 100 gardens in Japan.

Grant Biberdorf

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