Inside the 'Dream of Olive' is a large airy area for visitors to sit down and relax in (Photo: Jaclynn Seah)

Dream of Olive in Shodoshima

Wang Wen Chih's tribute to Shodoshima's olive culture

Jaclynn Seah   - 1 min read

The Nakayama area in Shodoshima is famous for its scenic view of terraced rice fields known as the Senmaida or "Thousand Rice Fields." It is in this valley that Taiwanese artist Wang Wen Chih built Dream of Olive, an homage to the popular olive export of Shodoshima. It used 5,000 locally grown bamboo shoots which were woven together by hand. Enjoy the view as you walk down the slope to this large structure. Follow the bamboo path until you reach the inner chamber, a large airy place where you are invited to take off your shoes and relax. Many people were lying down on the bamboo floor, stretched out and relaxing in this pavilion of sorts, and just enjoying the shade of this structure.

Jaclynn Seah

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