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Hiketa Hinamatsuri 2025

Traditional doll displays in Kagawa

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Venue : Hiketa Old Town, Kagawa When : Late Feb - Early Mar 2025

Hina Matsuri, or Girls' Day, is a Japanese tradition celebrated on March 3rd. Families display ornamental dolls called "hina ningyo" on tiered platforms, and the festival honors daughters' health and happiness, with prayers for their future prosperity and success. Numerous places around the country also host Hina Matsuri events, including the town of Hiketa in Kagawa Prefecture.

Photo: Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association

The Hiketa Hinamatsuri was first held in 2003, and this annual spring event provides visitors with the opportunity to appreciate these traditional doll displays located in around 60 homes in Hiketa's old town. The festival started as a way to revitalize this part of Kagawa Prefecture, so be sure to stop by and support the local community if you happen to be in the area.

Photo: Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association

Getting there

The event takes place in the Hiketa old town area, located outside Hiketa Station.

The station is served by the JR Shikoku Kōtoku Line.


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