They have a fun interior here! (Photo: Miho Saika-Joyce)

Yuigahama Beach's Seedless

American cuisine in Kamakura

They have a fun interior here! (Photo: Miho Saika-Joyce)
Miho Saika-Joyce   - 3 min read

If you are going to take a trip to Kamakura, how about grabbing some American style burgers, pizza, tacos and pasta by beautiful Yuigahama beach? Restaurant & Bar Seedless located on route 134 in Kamakura is a short 5-minute walk from Yuigahama station on the Enoden line or a 15-20 minute walk from Kamakura station on the JR line.


You can enjoy California style food and a nice view by the beach. Since Seedless is right in front of the bay, you have a great view of the blue waves, blue sea, and surfers in the daytime, and the sound of the waves on the sand at night when it’s dark. But I especially love to get there before sunset, grab a seat at a beach view table, and then enjoy the sunset over draft beer or cocktails.


Seedless offers a variety of California cuisine and also a few Japanese dishes. Most of the ingredients they use are locally produced.

The last time I was there, for starters I had marinated octopus and garlic potatoes to enjoy with my beer. The local octopus was so fresh and delicious! For my main dish, I had their famous burger. Actually I came here to eat this Yuigahama-burger (1500yen) which received second place at the “Shonan Burger Festival 2008” out of 44 restaurants all together. Of course, it was very delicious and definitely not a typical Japan-sized portion: a 200-gram juicy patty, 120 grams of chili beans, fresh onion slices, lettuce, tomato, and with French fries. Besides the Yuigahama-burger, they have cheeseburgers, avocado bacon burgers and so on. I have also tasted their tacos and they are very good too! If you like to try a few dishes, you will have to share with 2-3 people, because each main dish is so large. I wanted to try pizza, pasta…etc., but the burger filled me up. All of the main dishes are around 1000-1600 yen, so no complaints about the price!

Open hours: weekday 11AM-12 PM, Saturday 10 AM-2 AM, Sunday 10 AM-12 PM.


They are open for lunch (10 AM-6 PM), only on Saturday & Sunday and serve only a limited lunch menu that does not include burgers and tacos. Instead, you have a choice of curry with rice (crispy chicken, eggplant with ground meat, seafood, and fried fish), sandwiches (honey mustard chicken, chili beans and etc.) pizza and so on. Prices range from 900-1200 yen.


Inside, the restaurant is retro American décor, with a little west coast surf taste. I like their unique handmade interior. Staff Yuichi said, “Please come in winter time too when we decorate with a nice Christmas tree.”

If you’d prefer to be seated in a completely no smoking area, they have a no smoking corner at the end of the building which is a nice detached room, and if you make a reservation for this room you can use it for a private party. It’s large enough for 10-15 people.


Finally, there is a surf shop “Rave Surf & Sport” on the 1st floor. You can rent surf gear and enjoy some time on the waves!

Miho Saika-Joyce

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