A castle tower covered in a colorful blanket of cherry blossoms (Photo: Steve Morton)

Cherry Blossoms at Kumamoto Castle

Pink petals conquering grey skies

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As a result of the 2016 earthquake, Kumamoto Castle sustained heavy damage. During the summer of 2021, the inner keep reopened after a 5-year reconstruction period. However, sitewide renovations are expected to take up to 20 years.

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For anyone who follows the news you will most probably remember hearing about a series of large earthquakes which shook Kyushu Island last year on 14 April 2016. Tragically among this earthquake’s many victims was the splendid Kumamoto Castle. Despite sustaining considerable damage, we can now embrace the Japanese spirit of hope in learning that restoration work has already began on restoring this castle to its former glory.

Presently, the castle’s interior is closed to the public but visitors are still able to see many of Kumamoto’s wonderful sights by walking along its outer perimeter.

By sheer luck, I was able to visit this castle a few days before this tragic incident during the colorful cherry blossom season. Although impressive anytime of the year, the pink petals add an extra element of beauty to the landscape.This became an important factor during my visit, as the sight of these colorful flowers was more than enough to lift my spirits as it rained nonstop throughout the whole day.

Thanks to the sight of these colorful flowers, not even the bad weather and rain soaked streets could dampen my spirits!

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