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Cherry Blossoms in Bloom at Kumamoto Castle

Sakura in full bloom at one of Japan's top 3 castles

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As a result of the April 2016 earthquake, Kumamoto Castle sustained heavy damage. While the inner grounds remain closed for renovation, the fortress can be admired from outside via special 400-m route on Sundays, national holidays, and select Saturdays. The inner keep is expected to reopen in Spring 2021, though the sitewide renovations are expected to take decades.

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Kumamoto Castle's sakura are in full bloom!

On these last few days of March 2015, the grounds of one of Japan's most impressive castles have been packed with picnickers, photographers and those looking to get out and enjoy the fabulous weather. The blooms hit their peak around March 29th and it remains to be seen how many will tumble during the predicted rain in the coming week. If you've never been to Kumamoto, make this your must-see springtime destination next year!

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