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Free Virtual Event: Ine - Kyoto by the Sea 2021

Discover this unique village along the sea of Japan

Christophe Audisio   - 4 min read
Venue : Ine Town, Kyoto, Japan When : Saturday - Oct 16th 2021, 1:00pm ~

Discover Kyoto by the sea with Japan Travel and local guides in an unforgettable seaside village virtual event. We are teaming up with Ine Town and Savor Japan to show a lesser-known side of Kyoto, the world-famous former capital of Japan.

Our live tour will provide a rare glimpse into the culture of Ine Town and its residents where boathouses and sea taxis are a way of life. Join us as we talk to locals, explore stores and breweries, and set out on the waters. We will share the sea with our viewers and guide you to a beautiful seaside restaurant and cafe for sushi and drinks.

View another side of Kyoto from the comfort of your home. Attendees are welcome to participate in the tour through the live chat with feedback provided along the way!

Virtual event:

Available October 16th, 1:00 pm JST

Tour Itinerary (Schedule subject to change)

13:00 - Opening and Introductions

13:05 - Mukai Shizo shop and brewery with “Ine Mankai” tasting experience

13:15 - “Funuya” boathouse tour followed by a sea taxi ride

13:30 - Introduction of Funa Biyori Pier and restaurant

13:35 - “Mondori” cage-fishing experience

13:43 - Local boathouse hotel “Funaya Fuga”

13:55 - Closing / Question and Answer

Photo: SAVOR Japan

Meet your hosts

Jesse Efron Jesse is the Overseas Promotion Manager of the Kyoto by the Sea DMO. He has lived in the Ine area for seven years and is filled with knowledge of and love for the surrounding area.

Kuniko Mukai Kuniko is the Toji (Chief Brewer) of her family's brewery, Mukai Shuzo Co. She has been involved in the development of a number of sakes, including "Ine Mankai," which uses ancient rice. Her love for Ine and hospitality is amazing!

About SAVOR Japan

Regional areas where you can discover the best of Japanese food and dining are certified as “Savor Japan” by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries.

Savor Japan encourages tourists to explore rural destinations and flavors across Japan and often focuses on relatively undiscovered farming, fishing, and mountain communities where food is a way of life. Savor Japan believes that a deeper discovery of Japanese culture leads to unforgettable culinary experiences.

Christophe Audisio

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French & Italian living in Japan, I have been traveling to Japan every year until I moved to the Shonan area in late 2018. Coffee lover, I spend most of my free time looking for the best cafes the area has to offer.