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Kahoen Hydrangea Festival 2025

Celebrate summer's arrival with colorful blooms in Kyoto

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Kahoen When : Mid Jun - Early Jul 2025

Hydrangeas are one of the highlights of early summer in Japan, and Kyoto's Kahoen Garden completed planting over 10,000 hydrangea bushes in the fall of 2022. During the summer of 2023 around 6,000 of them bloomed, with closer to 10,000 of them expected to flower in summer of 2024.

During peak hydrangea season (estimated to be from mid-June to early July for this year), the garden will open from 8am until 5pm daily for visitors to appreciate the colorful beauty. There is a small admission fee during any events or festivals at the garden of 300 JPY.

Please note that in the case of poor blooming conditions the event may be cancelled.

Getting there

Kahoen is best accessed by car – the garden can be reached in an hour's driving time from central Kyoto, or around 30 minutes from the Sonobe Interchange on the Kyoto Jukan Expressway. Paid on-site parking is available, with standard sized vehicles charged at a rate of 500 JPY.


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