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Mimuroto Temple in Uji

See the lotus and hydrangea flowers in full bloom

Illaura Rossiter   - 1 min read

A fifteen-minute walk from Mimuroto-ji Station on the Keihan line in Uji is Mimuroto Temple. This temple is famous for its hydrangeas, which reach their peak season in June. The beautiful blue, pink and white hydrangeas compete with various other colors and varieties of flowers, creating a beautiful scene.

Among them, the heart-shaped hydrangeas have become a hot topic. It's not the flower petals, but rather, the overall shape the hydrangea takes that forms the heart shape Mimurotoji has become known for.

After a climb up the stone temple steps, you can also view the lotus blossoms which come into bloom in June. The presence of a handrail means that even the elderly and small children can make the climb.

Illaura Rossiter

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