R Inn is conveniently placed near Fukuchiyama Railway Station (Photo: Bonson Lam)

R Inn Fukuchiyama

Your castle in the skies above Tanba

R Inn is conveniently placed near Fukuchiyama Railway Station (Photo: Bonson Lam)
Bonson Lam   - 3 min read

Across from Fukuchiyama Station and next to the Steam Locomotive is R Inn Fukuchiyama. It is ideally placed if you wish to sightsee by foot or bicycle, or if you are staying overnight on the way to Amanohashidate or Kinosaki Onsen.

R Inn has majestic views over the station on one side and the distant mountains on the other. In a city that doesn’t have a lot of high rise buildings it is easy to find R Inn from the south exit of the railway station. While the facilities are closer to a business hotel (no swimming pool or chapels to speak of), the single, twin and double rooms are comfortable and quiet, with rich chocolate tones, comfortable pillows and blankets in a compact carpeted room. The bathroom has a shower and bath as well as complementary toiletries. There is free Wi-Fi, as well as self serve laundry services that will make both business and leisure travelers feel at home. A highlight is the outdoor hot spring baths on site.

The small in house restaurant called il Pulcinella trattoria and bar serves local authentic Italian cuisine with a local touch, making the most of the Tanba pork and beef. For dessert, try the rosemary or lemon gelato.

While there are other hotels in Fukuchiyama, notably the Sunroute and Furuyama House, the R inn gives a good balance between price, convenience and comfort.

On the other side of the train station is the Tourist Information Office. As a fairly flat, compact city without too much traffic on the back streets, it is a good place to get around by bicycle. The city has 80,000 people, so in some ways it is the size of a university town. The tourist office rents out bicycles from 400 yen for two hours, and you can either try one of its self guided courses, or make your own itinery. Places of interest include the Goryo and Yakuyoke Shrines, the traditional streets of the Imojicho Teracho-Shimoyanagicho districts, as well as Fukuchiyama Railway Museum, and the icon of this city, Fukichiyama Castle.

The station also operates as a hub connecting trains from Osaka, Kyoto, Amanohashidate and Hamasaka. The Tango Railway also starts here, with the Tango Café Train departing here on the weekends and public holidays at 1025 for a scenic trip to Miyazu, arriving at 1137.

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