Zooming in on the roof tiles (Photo: Cathy Cawood)

Stolen Glimpses of Byodo-in

An incentive to explore further!

Cathy Cawood   - 1 min read

If you saw Masayoshi Hirose's recent article, you'll know that Byodo-in has had a splendid new face-lift. If you plan to visit, make sure you check the views from outside the temple grounds! I love the sight of the graceful roof tops rising above the trees. I've heard it said that the loveliest views of Mount Fuji are the ones partly obscured by cloud, or sharing the view with trees or buildings. I suppose these photos operate on the same principle. Now that the temple's woodwork has been painted red, it will look even more alluring in contrast with the surrounding green.

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Cathy Cawood

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