This area was once the nerve center of the mine. (Photo: Senén Germade)

Gunkanjima Landing, Nagasaki

Follow me on my walk through "Battleship Island"

Senén Germade   - 1 min read

A mystic island indeed; you could call it 'Ghost Island', but to me it feels more like an art museum, also considering that "Battleship Island" (that's how it is also called) has been put on the tentative UNESCO World Heritage list as part of the Modern Industrial Heritage Sites in Kyushu and Yamaguchi. Before its reopening to visitors in 2009 landing on the island was sometimes permitted to journalist only. Then, after an important pier restoration for better and safer landing, the island was finally opened for tourists as well. I will show you a series of images of my time exploring the remains of this mysterious place.

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Senén Germade

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