Tasty, colorful, and reasonably priced meal sets - this was the saag curry (Photo: Kim B)

Indian Restaurant Milan

Tasty curries in this mall food court restaurant

Tasty, colorful, and reasonably priced meal sets - this was the saag curry (Photo: Kim B)
Kim   - 2 min read

Tucked away on the restaurant floor of Nagasaki's Amu Plaza Mall is Indian Restaurant Milan. It's in an unassuming spot and has decor that looks more Italian than Indian (perhaps hence the name "Milan"?) but the food is surprisingly good!

My husband and I visited at lunch, and opted for two of the different lunch sets on offer. Each came with a curry of our choice - I opted for the vegetarian curry, and my husband went for the saag curry - alongside rice, naan, salad, and a samosa. The portions were huge, and realistically we probably could have split a lunch set between us, but we made a pretty impressive dent in the meals.

If you don't want to order off the set menu, that's no problem - there are plenty of a la carte options to choose from. The menu is clearly sectioned into the different curry varieties on offer, including chicken, beef/pork, seafood, or vegetarian based curries. Even the naan selection is impressive, with offerings including garlic naan, cheese naan, fruit naan, and even a Japanese inspired anko naan available. We didn't end up eating dessert here because we were too full from our set meal, but they also had a sweets menu mainly comprised of parfaits in different flavors.

If you want something stronger than a soft drink, tea or juice to go along with your meal, Indian Restaurant Milan have a wide range of beer, wine, shochu, sake and even cocktails available to choose from.

The service here was quick, friendly and attentive, and the proximity to the station makes it the perfect spot to grab a meal before you have a train or tram to catch.

Getting there

Indian Restaurant Milan is located on the fifth floor of the Amu Plaza Shopping Mall, which is directly connected to Nagasaki Station.

A full list of stores and restaurants at Amu Plaza can be found at the following link.


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