John Carter

Nara Prefectural Government Office

A secret view over the city

John Carter   - 1 min read

Nara is a beautiful little town that’s as popular for its deer as it is for its many historical sights. Visiting such a place is always taken to a new level when you can get a bird's-eye view over the area and luckily you can even here. In fact it’s actually more of a local secret that the public has access to a rooftop garden on top of the prefectural government building. I luckily came across this secret and now I’m sharing it with you, and believe me it’s not a place that should be missed. The garden offers a complete 360 view over the city and from here you can view the towns temples from a different angle as well as the incredible mount Katsuragisan. It’s no Tokyo tower but its views are no less spectacular. It's also a small walk from Guesthouse Nara Backpackers.

John Carter

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