A young deer having a walk in the city on a sunny day.  (Photo: Alexandra Dorovici)

The Deer of Nara Park

A sunny day in Nara, home of the friendliest deers

Alexandra Dorovici   - 2 min read

Nara park is a famous local attraction, known for its gorgeous nature. Considered a national treasure, this public park is delightful to visit in spring or summer as the sun lights up the soft, golden tones of its gardens. The park is located near many interesting attractions such as the Nara Museum and leads to the most important shrines and temples of the area, such as Todaiji. It's the perfect place to visit when you want to get a feeling of traditional Japanese nature and still get to visit places of the highest historic importance.

But the most entertaining feature of Nara park is, of course, the thousands of deer walking freely around the area! Stubborn yet friendly, these deer are accustomed to human presence and walk through the city with a disturbing confidence. They live their deer life without paying attention to you... unless you hold food. Once they have spotted a potential meal, they'll do everything they can to get your attention, and they can sometimes be a little pushy. If you want to feed them, you will find little stalls around the park selling deer-crackers (shika-senbei) which they love.

A walk in Nara park is guaranteed excitement for anyone!

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