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Nara Park is located in Nara city and was established in 1880. The park is known for its vast nature and free roaming deer.



469 Zoshicho, Nara, Nara Prefecture (Directions)


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Nara Park is located just around 5 minutes of walking from the JR Kintetsu-Nara Station.

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Nara Deer Park

Nara Deer Park

Cat Veit

At Nara Park, animal lovers can feed, photograph, pet and admire hundreds of beautiful, free roaming deer, considered mascots of the city of Nara and spiritual emissaries of the Shinto Gods. 

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Nara Park in Autumn

Nara Park in Autumn

Irma Syahriar

Playing with hundreds of deer and watching the beautiful koyo in autumn are some of the attractions that you can enjoy for free in Nara Park.

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One Day in Nara Park

One Day in Nara Park

Elena Lisina

Just one day spent in Nara Park can create a lot of impressions from its beautiful gardens, old temples and the special atmosphere courtesy of its friendly deer.

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Nara Park


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Inside Nara Park

4.8 (4Review(s))

Todaiji, also known as the Great Eastern Temple, was originally constructed in 752 at the behest of Emperor Shomu and was designated to be the head of all Buddhist temples in Japan. Its main h...

5 (1Review(s))

The Kasuga Grand Shrine (春日大社), known as Kasuga Taisha in Japanese, is located in Nara Park. Its 3000 lanterns are symbolic of the 3000 Kasuga shrines spread throughout Japan. The Kasuga Grand...

Near Nara Park

Nara Hotel

Nara Hotel

Paul Hackshaw

Luxury hotel in the heart of Nara Park, located near Kofukiji and close to Araike lake.

Nara 4.5k
Hotel Wellness Asukaji

Hotel Wellness Asukaji

Connie Ng

Hotel Wellness Asukaji is a typical Japanese BBB (Bed, Bath and Breakfast). This conveniently located hotel just off of Nara Park offers a tranquil, relaxing low key option for those headed to Nara for a weekend getaway.

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Kurokawa Honke in Nara

Kurokawa Honke in Nara

Cordelia Ding

During the summer season, at Kurokawa Honke (黒川本家), located in Nara city, many dishes with arrowroot incorporated, like the cold pasta made with arrowroot starch, are served. The restaurant is a mid-range, stylish, and chic location that offers a peaceful and welcoming dining atmosphere and experience.

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Majestic Nara

Majestic Nara

Shushma R

Nara is a historcal city packed with mesmerising sights, friendly people and a rich heritage.

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