GALA Yuzawa

JR's super-convenient ski resort in Yuzawa

By Rufus Starbuck    - 1 min read

GALA Yuzawa is often mentioned when talking about skiing in Japan - "that resort that has a bullet train station." It's a pretty amazing set-up and really accessible if you are looking to get up to the snow in a hurry - just over an hour away from Tokyo. It is really foreigner friendly too, with foreign language assistance at the ticket counter, rental department and ski school. It links up to two other ski resorts (Yuzawa Kogen and Ishiuchi Maruyama) which can be covered by the same 3 Mountain Pass, making it into one of the biggest ski areas in the region. Whether you are looking for some challenging slopes or just a chance to ride the gondola for the views and some snow play, GALA Yuzawa is a great option.

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