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Hakusan Park is filled with around 160 sakura trees
Hakusan Park is filled with around 160 sakura trees (Photo: DAI-nk/CC By SA 3.0)

Sakura Season At Hakusan Park 2024

One of Niigata City's loveliest cherry blossom spots

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Venue : Hakusan Park, Niigata When : Mid - Late Apr 2024
Japan's cherry blossom events generally rely on the Japan Meteorological Agency's forecasts. Since blossom dates are subject to change, please always check the venue's official site before you visit 🌸

Hakusan Park is one of Niigata City's best spots to enjoy the beauty of spring, and with good reason. The season here starts off with a multitude of plum blossoms to appreciate, and not too long after that sakura season arrives. The park is home to around 160 Somei Yoshino cherry trees, many of which envelop the aerial garden walkways that connect the park to cultural facilities like the Niigata City Performing Arts Center.

In the evenings during the blooming season the trees are usually illuminated, giving the park an extra-special atmosphere. The best time to catch the blossoms at their peak here tends to be the mid-April timeframe.

Admission to the park is free of charge.

Getting there

Niigata's Hakusan Park can be accessed in around 20 minutes on foot from Hakusan Station, served by the JR Echigo Line.

For those who plan to drive, there are four dedicated parking lots available, which are charged at a price of 100 yen per 30 minute increment.


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