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Uwasekigata Park

Something to enjoy in any season

Kim B
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One of the things I enjoy most about Japan is the diversity of the seasons. There are distinct differences between each of them, and a host of beautiful things to enjoy no matter the time of year. Many parks and open spaces in Japan allow you to fully appreciate the seasonal beauty of nature, and Niigata's Uwasekigata Park is one of them.

We've visited the park multiple times, and spring is probably the most popular month here, with the combination of the pink cherry blossoms and bright yellow rape blossoms providing a feast for the eyes. However, you'll also find towering sunflowers in the warmer months, richly colored changing leaves during autumn, and a snow-covered wonderland in winter. Truly something to enjoy no matter when you visit. From the park grounds you can also get a pleasant view of both Mt. Yahiko and Mt. Kakuda.

Another great reason for stopping into the park (aside from the scenic natural beauty!) are the amazing sculptures made from straw displayed on the grounds for part of the year. They are reminiscent of pieces from the Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale, another Niigata event well worth a visit.

So detailed!
So detailed! (Photo: Kim B)

Visiting the park with children? There are playground facilities and barbecue facilities too, should you wish to make a full day out of your trip.

If you do visit the park and need a bite to eat or a caffeine fix, check out Taibow Coffee and Gelato, which is right by the entrance.

Getting there

Uwasekigata Park is located approximately a forty minute drive from Niigata City itself. On-site parking is available, but it does tend to fill up quickly on weekends during the cherry blossom season.

Alternatively, if you're visiting the park via public transport, the closest train station is Echigo Sone Station on the JR Echigo Line. From the station, the park is approximately a ten minute cab ride away.


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