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Taibow Coffee and Gelato

Great brews, great views, and great food

Kim B
Kim   - 2 min read

Any time I'm passing through a new town or out on a road trip, I try and map out where to stop off for a coffee break along the way. That's how I initially discovered Taibow Coffee and Gelato, and what a pleasant discovery it was!

One of the loveliest things about visiting here is just how scenic the views from the cafe are. This is something that can be said about many places in Niigata Prefecture, but the natural beauty here is a treat in itself - and the cafe makes it easy to enjoy this with large windows creating a very light and bright atmosphere. When it comes to the menu, as you may have gathered from the store name the focus is on coffee, gelato, and soft cream.

The gelato and soft creams don't just come in your standard flavor range, either. I've seen inventive offerings on their menu including earl grey, hojicha caramel, and sesame varieties. They also serve up a range of different baked goods, including breads, scones, and muffins, with the menu seeming to rotate on a seasonal basis.

Come for the coffee or gelato, but stay and linger for the scenery - it's an easy place to while away a few hours! Do note that the cafe is closed each Monday if you're planning to visit.

Getting there

Taibow Coffee and Gelato is located in Nishikan Ward, Niigata, which is approximately 40 minutes drive from the center of Niigata City. If you're driving to the cafe there is plenty of on-site parking available.

Alternatively, if you're visiting via public transport, the closest station is Echigo Sone Station on the JR Echigo Line. From the station, the cafe is around a ten minute cab ride away.

The cafe is also less than twenty minutes drive from Yahiko Shrine.


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