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Bungotakada Nanohana Festa 2025

Yellow blooms blanketing the ground in Oita Prefecture

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Nagasakibana Resort Campsite When : Early Mar - Mid Apr 2025

Of the various blooms that decorate Japan throughout spring, one which is often overlooked is nanohana. Also known as rapeseed blossoms in English, these vibrant yellow flowers can be seen in numerous places across the country – and if you're in Oita Prefecture, one place to check them out is at the Bungotakada Nanohana Festa.

The event sees an incredible 22 million nanohana plants filling a space of 16.5 hectares, covering the area like a yellow carpet. The festival also includes food vendors and a photo competition for any budding photographers out there.

Getting there

The event takes place at the Nagasakibana Resort Campsite, which can be accessed around 30 minutes by taxi from Usa Station on the Nippō Main Line.

For those who opt to drive, parking is available at the venue for approximately 300 vehicles. It's free during the week, but comes with a charge of ¥ 500 on weekends.


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