Enter Agena Central Park in Uruma City and look for this sign just inside the treeline once leaving the parking lot (Photo: Michael Flemming)

Agena Castle Ruins

A bird's eye view of the Agena Bull Ring and Uruma City

Michael Flemming   - 1 min read

The Agena Castle Ruins are the remains of a 14th century gusuku style Ryukyuan castle that today is a part of Agena Central Park in Uruma City in central Okinawa. The once great castle consists of several limestone walls with a few modern day improvements like walkways, benches and shrines. The site is open free of charge to the public 24 hours a day. Go for the views, especially when there are scheduled bull fights within the Agena bullfighting ring that can be seen from the castle. The Agena Castle Ruins are located just off of Route 8 in Uruma City about 300 meters west of the intersection with Route 75.

Michael Flemming

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