Dragon Palace Amusement Center

Amusement Center for Children and Adults

By Chris Barnes   - 1 min read

Dragon Palace is an amusement center for children and adults located in the Mihama American Village, in Chatan, Okinawa. The highlight of this complex is its many arcade games and souvenir stores. On the first floor you can find a couple of fashion stores, along with a large souvenir store specializing in Okinawan foods, drinks and traditional souvenirs. There is also a homewares store which caters for most things inside and out for your home at very reasonable prices. The second floor is divided into children's and adult areas: The adult area containing Japanese Pachinko and Slot machines, and the children's area housing numerous arcade games and karaoke booths. Dragon Palace is located within Mihama American Village which can be accessed off Route 58 in Chatan, Okinawa.

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