Uken Beach is surrounded by Okinawa's coastline and several islands in Kinbo Bay (Photo: Michael Flemming)

Uken Beach

A Beach Lover's Paradise in Central Uruma City

Michael Flemming   - 1 min read

Historically referred to as a trash beach by joggers running along the Kinbo Bay shoreline in Uruma City, this reformed beach today is an aquatic wonderland just two kilometers from the city office. Uken Beach is a 300 meter long beach popular for swimming, sunbathing, aquatic sports, fishing, camping, and beach sports. While it was once the unfortunate recipient of trash dumped into the ocean from neighboring countries in the region, today it's beautiful and clean. Uken Beach is located in Uruma City off of Route 224 just two kilometers east of the city office and two kilometers north of the Gushikawa Bus Terminal. Admission is free. Parking is 500 yen per vehicle; street parking is not allowed in the immediate vicinity. The swimming season is April through October with swimming hours between 9:00-18:00. Camping is allowed by reservation only. Food, gear rental, showers and restrooms are located at the beach.

Michael Flemming

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