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Green Slow Mobility (Gurisuro)

Take a scenic loop around Musashidai

Sherilyn Siy
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The Musashidai area is a housing development set on the hills of Koma, Hidaka. Many of the properties here have a sweeping view of the Chichibu Mountains. Set atop the highest point in the hill, the Musashidai Elementary and Junior High School grounds are among the most picturesque in the area.

The rolling terrain of the Musashidai area, however, poses a disadvantage to the aging population who may find it difficult to walk up and down inclined roads. Some elderly people are unable to successfully renew their driver's licenses and have to depend on infrequent buses to get around.

Enter グリスロ (Gurisuro, from Green Slow), an initiative of the NPO Genki Net Musashidai. Gurisuro aims to provide more options for the elderly members of the Musashidai community. The name comes from "Green", for the eco-friendly electric carts, and "Slow" for the leisurely pace of the cart, which run only slightly a bit faster than brisk walking pace.

Each Gurisuro cart can seat up to five people. There are four proposed Gurisuro routes, all of them departing from and returning to the Asadore Farm Shopping Center. You can ride from the shopping center or from any of the stops along the way, so long as there are seats available.

From March 21 (Sunday) to April 11 (Sunday), 2021, rides on the Gurisuro carts are free of charge. You can try any or all of the routes. During this period when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, it is a great way to enjoy the spring scenery.

Getting there

The Green Slow Mobility carts have stops all around the Musashidai area. If you wish to take a tour of the area, an easy starting point would be from the Asadore Farm shopping center, a 5 minute uphill walk from Koma Station served by the Seibu Chichibu Line.

Sherilyn Siy

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