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"Tokigawa Hanashobuen" Tokigawa Iris Garden
Lynda Hogan

Tokigawa Iris Garden Festival

View irises in bloom in the tranquil town of Tokigawa

Lynda Hogan   - 1 min read
Venue : Tokigawa Iris Garden When : Jun 1st - Jun 30th 2022

Each year in June approximately 8200 iris flowers grow in the Tokigawa Iris Garden. Before the pandemic, the town held an iris festival for one day during the period of bloom, with live performances and special events. Hopefully that will come back when the situation with the Coronavirus improves. This year, 2021, there might not be a festival, but the flowers are in bloom and the garden is open. The town requests that you wear a mask and avoid loitering for a long time.

The Tokigawa Iris garden is not particularly large, but it attracts hundreds due to the bucolic countryside setting. The town of Tokigawa is very picturesque and there is plenty to do in the area. This year, the nearby award winning Tamagawa Hot Spring will host a rainy season event during the period the iris are in bloom. The Showa retro hot springs are only about a five minute drive from the iris garden or about 25 minutes on foot.

Getting there

The garden is about a 13 minute walk from the quaint JR Myōkaku Station on the Hachiko Line. You can also take a bus from this station, it takes about 3 minutes by bus. You can also take a bus from the west exit of Musashi Ranzan station on the Tobu Tojo line. It takes about 15 minutes.

The Iris garden in Tokigawa is about twenty minutes by car from the Kanetsu Expressway’s Higashimatsuyama Interchange. You can park in the town hall’s car park, which is close to the garden.

Lynda Hogan

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