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Okinawa Pottery Street 6

Okinawa Pottery Street

Bonson Lam

Yachimun Street in Tsuboya is the number one place in Okinawa for pottery, ever since the Ryukyu king gathered the very best ...

Nihonbashi's Ninben 7

Nihonbashi's Ninben

Sherilyn Siy

Dashi soup stock is one of the key components of washoku or traditional Japanese cuisine, and is made from dried bonito fish ...

Mihara Street

Mihara Street

Japan Travel

The Mihara Shotengai (or Mihara shopping street) still retains an atmosphere of years past, with local restaurants and small ...

Marine & Walk Yokohama

Marine & Walk Yokohama

Naomi Isaka

Yokohama's Marine & Walk outdoor mall is the perfect area to enjoy shopping, an oceanside meal, and a stroll along the bay.