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Imabari Towel Specialty Store

Iori's logo (Photo: Sherilyn Siy)
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Imabari is a city in the northern region of Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku Island. It is home to the largest cotton-towel producing industry in Japan and the undisputed leader of towel production for more than 120 years, thanks to its year round mild climate and abundance of soft water (water low in minerals), crucial for textile production.

Imabari towels are the highest quality towels that represent the best of Japan. Imabari towels are synonymous with superior softness, absorbency and durability. However, not all towels produced in Imabari City are Imabari Towel Brand Certified. Only towels that carry the distinct red, white and blue tag of authenticity have been certified by the Shikoku Towel Association as having passed stringent 12-point tests in absorption, durability, and color-sustainability. The most well known of these tests is the '5-Second Absorbency Rule.' Towels before first-time wash and after being washed 3 times should sink completely within 5 seconds after being placed in water to pass this test.

Towels are something we use many times a day, every single day. From the time we wake up and wash our face to the last soak in the ofuro before bed, we dry ourselves with towels many times in between. Throughout this pandemic, we wash and dry our hands numerous times throughout the day.

Iori, one of the most trusted Imabari Towel specialty stores, understands the role towels play in our everyday lives. A fine quality towel can instantly elevate and enrich our lifestyle. Stop by an Iori shop and your hands will be treated to some of the softest, fluffiest and most luxurious towels they have ever touched. Iori carries a wide range of towels and towel products that make perfect gifts and souvenirs for friends and family.

Getting there

The Tokyu Plaza Shibuya branch of Iori is located on the third floor. Tokyu Plaza Shibuya is about a two minute walk from the West Exit of Shibuya Station of the JR Line.

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