Lantern lights up the flowers (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara)

Cherry Blossoms in Central Park

Night Party under Cherry Blossoms

Yoshifumi Hara   - 1 min read

The cherry blossom is the most beloved flower in Japan. There are many cherry trees in Tokushima's Central Park, as well. Flowers start blooming at the end of March. And in April, it’s the season to appreciate the cherry blossoms. As April is a very special month in Japan (the beginning of the fiscal year and school year, for example) many events are held. I think the most popular event is cherry blossom appreciation. Cherry blossom appreciation has a long history, and is a popular event across Japan. Of course, people enjoy cherry blossoms in the daytime, but the evening is also a good time. Flowers lighted up by lanterns are fantastic. People come together in the park even on working days when the sun goes down.’s party time!

Yoshifumi Hara

Yoshifumi Hara @yoshifumi.hara