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Dainichiji - Itano

Temple #4 of the Ohenro 88 temple pilgrimage

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Temple four in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the temple of the great sun.  Set far back into the valley on the north side of the Yoshino Plain, this temple gives the traditional pilgrim a first taste of what searching for a temple off the main roads will be like in the weeks ahead. Kōbō Daishi founded the temple and named it for the Dainichi Buddha. For the past thousand years, the temple has been repeatedly destroyed and reconstructed, the last of which was rebuilt by a monk named Matsu. To get there, catch a Kajiyahara bound bus from Itano or Tokushima station and get off at the Rakan bus stop. From there it is a 45 minute walk.

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