Yoshifumi Hara

Shikoku Pilgrimage No. 2&3 Temples

Visiting the first three temples on foot

Yoshifumi Hara   - 1 min read

The first three temples of this famous pilgrimage are located a short distance away from each other (about 4 km). We can visit them on foot in half a day. I left the first temple and walked “Route 12” towards west. A short time later, I found a roadway sign saying “Gokuraku-ji Temple”. Yes, Gokuraku-ji Temple is the second temple of the pilgrimage. From the second temple, the path goes into a quiet residential area. The walking path of the pilgrimage is sometimes complex like a maze. But you do not need to worry as long as you follow the tiny signs to “Henro-michi”. But the signs somehow led me to the side of the third temple (Konsen-ji Temple). So, I had to reenter the gate.

Yoshifumi Hara

Yoshifumi Hara @yoshifumi.hara