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A Visit to Ebisu Garden Place

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Elena Lisina
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Ebisu Station is next to the popular Shibuya Station on the JR Yamanote Line, but I have to admit that I hadn’t explored the Ebisu area well enough. Actually, my only visit there was for the Photographic Art Museum.

Compared with lively Shibuya, the area around JR Ebisu Station seemed subdued. What caught my eye was the architecture of two tall buildings with semicircular tops right by the station. I headed along the street towards it though there is also a covered passage that I used on my way back.

The Photographic Art Museum is located in the business and shopping center Ebisu Garden Place. Maybe because of the early hour or a weekday the area was quiet. I was impressed by the arch of metal and glass creating an inner space that really reminded me of a garden or greenhouse with trees, flowers and areas to rest. It made this modern building feel more alive and cozy.

The arch creates the feeling of a garden
The arch creates the feeling of a garden

After taking some shots I looked for the museum and found it quite easily as its walls are decorated with huge black & white photos. The museum itself is more of an exhibition hall as it displays photo on different themes and of different photographers from all over the world. I enjoyed two exhibitions, and for each there was a separate ticket of differing prices. Shots of other photographers, their different concepts and styles inspire me a lot and this visit was no exception with its quite unique professional shots.

The Photographic Art Museum
The Photographic Art Museum

When I travel I tend not waste time for lunch and so in the shop located on the ground floor I purchased a simple bento lunch box, sat down comfortably on a bench and had sushi rolls for lunch.

Of course, there are times when Ebisu Garden Place is very busy, during Christmas, for example. The complex also features some restaurants, including the Michelin 3-star Chateau Restaurant of Joel Robuchon located in a 19th century Western-style building , a department store, the Westin Tokyo Hotel as well as some commercial offices.

Fans of beer may be interested in visiting the Yebisu Beer Museum located a short walk from Ebisu Garden Place. In summer, Ebisu hosts the spectacular Ebisu Bon Odori festival with lights, traditional dance and music that have a centuries-old history.

I’m sure that exploring Ebisu will bring many more interesting discoveries!

Getting there

JR Ebisu Station can be reached by the JR Yamanote, JR Shonan-Shinjuku and JR Saikyo Lines.

More info

Find out more about Yebisu Garden Place.

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