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Aizuya Inn

A nice, laid back and friendly budget hostel

Tinka Weener
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Aizuya Inn is a fifteen minute walk away from Minami-senju Station. One can rent a private room at Aizuya Inn with a starting price of just ¥3.400 per night, and a shared room for just ¥2,350 per night.

The Manager, Raoul, welcomed me in a very friendly way and instantly made me feel at home.

Aizuya Inn is able to assist its guests in English, Japanese, French, German, and Italian. This was definitely a breath of fresh air after staying at many places where only Japanese was spoken. Raoul was helpful and willing to share his knowledge of Japan. He gave me a brochure of Tokyo and a railway map to make sure I could navigate the area easily.

The private, Japanese-style room was quite small and consisted of a traditional futon. There was a flat screen television and a pinboard with some of the many services the hostel offers. The room was clean, the sheets smelled fresh and there was a big sliding window overlooking the street.

It was a nice surprise to discover that I could borrow games, videos and bikes for free. For a small fee of ¥200 per day you could even rent a Japanese mobile phone. There was quick and free Wi-Fi available and you could always grab a cup of coffee or tea in the lounge at no additional cost. The basic breakfast was offered free of charge, and it consisted of juice, milk, several types of corn flakes and a fun chat with your fellow guests.

When you are on the road for a longer period of time it might be good to know that for a fee of ¥200 you can make use of the laundry machine. If you want to take a warm shower in the shared bathroom, which I assume you do, you will have to pay ¥100 per five (5) minutes. There is also a shared kitchen in which you can prepare your dinner if you do not feel like visiting one of the many cheap restaurants in the area. Luckily there are also many supermarkets very close to the hostel, which is very convenient.

Aizuya Inn had a very nice, laid back and friendly vibe. People would easily engage in conversations while hanging out in the living area. 

I found this place to be a great value for money. Aizuya Inn might not be the most luxurious accommodation in Tokyo but it might be the friendliest. I certainly would recommend staying here if you are on a bit of a budget but still want to get the best out of your stay in Tokyo.

Tinka Weener

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