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Jeremy Yap
Jeremy Yap   - 3 min read

You're now in Japan. A foreign country, foreign language, foreign signs and foreign people. And no, you can't use English that much, nor Spanish nor Chinese for you are in Japan and the de-facto language is Japanese. To make things worse, my smartphone translator app will not work without internet. How do I survive in Japan?

Well, don't worry there is a way out for there is Pocket Wi-Fi. What´s Pocket Wi-Fi you may ask? It's actually a little gadget that´s the size of an iPod Classic and a walking Wi-Fi router on the go. Thus, not only can you use it, but your friends and if you want, random strangers. All they need is the password that you can electronically generate form the Pocket Wi-Fi and the name of the connection network.

So with all that in place, you can use your translator apps away and practically communicate in Japan. If you are one of those who constantly tweets and Instagram your photos back to your friends and family, I will highly recommend this Pocket Wi-Fi. You can even start searching on internet forums on where are the places of interest that are around your area for you to venture towards.

What I like about the Pocket Wi-Fi is that its signal is strong and rarely do you lose signal. I was using the Pocket Wi-Fi while riding the Tokyo subway trains and it worked perfectly. Not only that, it worked perfectly while I was shopping in the basement levels of Takashimaya as well.

However, if you are going out of Tokyo and into places like Akita, there are times during your shinkansen ride where signals might be lost. The reason is because you are passing through forest and paddy fields and in these areas, there are no signals.

Another good thing about the Pocket Wi-Fi is that it is durable, if you happen to drop it by accident (although you shouldn´t drop it), it doesn´t break and fracture easily due to its aluminium body. Its also light and easy to carry around. So the next time you are over in Japan, pre-book the Wi-Fi router first over here and I can assure you, you won´t feel so lost in this country of Hiragana, Kanji and Katakana. You can also collect it from the airport as it is open most hours of the day to align with arrivals and departures.

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