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Any-Fi Pocket Wi-Fi Rental

Stay connected during your travels

Mandy Bartok
Mandy Bartok   - 4 min read

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than finding oneself stranded in the middle of a foreign city with absolutely no way to stay “connected”. Luckily, with the rental of an Any-Fi pocket Wi-Fi device, you’ll never be without access to the internet or your favorite apps.

Any-Fi offers two types of portable devices. The GL04P perfectly suits the casual user who simply wants to access email or certain apps. The GL06P is a slightly different model, with greater data capacity, allowing users to run programs like YouTube and Skype comfortably.

The process of acquiring Any-Fi is simple and can be done in four easy steps.

  1. Order

    Simply visit the Any-Fi website and click on “Book Now”. Choose your travel dates and your preferred device and confirm your order. An email will be sent to you within 30 minutes to verify your request.

  2. Delivery

    You can have your pocket Wi-Fi delivered to a number of places, ranging from airport post offices to local addresses (friend’s homes or your own residence in Japan) to hotel reception desks. The variety of locations means you don’t need to worry about spending more time than necessary sorting out your Wi-Fi situation at the airport, when jet lag or time-sensitive flight connections may cause extra stress in the process. Simply pick up your device when you check into your lodging.

  3. Use

    Now’s the chance to put your device to the test! Follow the simple instructions on the website to power on your device and take it on the go. All Any-Fi pocket devices come with USB cables and AC adapters so it’s easy to recharge when your battery runs low.

  4. Return

    When you’re finished with your device, simply place it along with all of the other components into a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope and drop it into any red JapanPost Mailbox. You actually have a small grace period in your return time as the device doesn’t need to be mailed until the day AFTER your contracted end date. So if you rent a device from December 5th–10th, the packet doesn't need to be mailed until 8am on the morning of December 11th. There’s no need to worry about finding a post box late on the final day of your rental.

Any-Fi rental rates are highly affordable, with even a short-term rental averaging around ¥680 a day for the GL04P model or ¥980 a day for the GL06P. Prices are even inclusive of insurance, should your pocket Wi-Fi be broken or stolen. The longer your rental contract, the lower your daily rate becomes. A two-week rental of the faster device adds up to less than ¥500 a day!

Should any issues arise while you're using an Any-Fi pocket Wi-Fi, support is available almost instantaneously. Simply text your problem to the company using Whatsapp, Viber or Line and wait for a reply. Foreign language assistance is available in both English and Chinese.

With an Any-Fi pocket Wi-Fi, you’ll be covered no matter where you go. Japan’s notoriously difficult street signage will be made easier with access to a map app. Emailing ahead to confirm your accommodation is a cinch with a pocket Wi-Fi device. Savet time on the ground and make your travel as stress-free as possible - reserve your Any-Fi today!

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Mandy Bartok

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