Bar Counter (Photo: Valentina Saavedra)

The Public Stand Bar

Explore Japan nightlife with unlimited drinks

Bar Counter (Photo: Valentina Saavedra)
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The Public stand is a unique bar filled with a casual and elegant atmosphere where you can drink and relax in a charming social space that encourages communication between groups. A brand new style of bar, The Public stand offers several attractive points that make it stand out among the rest!

The Public Stand Interior
Interior of the Public Stand

The Public stand is an excellent place to communicate and mix and match with the people around you. There are often games involved to help get the visitors mingling. The activities vary from night-to-night, but in general, there are many incentives and ideas to get people moving around. The night we arrived, we received a playing card. When we found a member of the opposite sex with the matching card, we were eligible for a free shot each!

There are more than 120 alcoholic drinks to choose from beer to wine to cocktails. Find your regular drink or go for a Japanese special unique to the area. There are also plenty of non-alcoholic varieties such as sodas, teas, and energy drinks.

With a one-time entry fee, you can enjoy an "all you can drink" specialty plan. Not having to keep checking your wallet as the night goes on is certainly a nice feeling and it might just be the cheapest bar you'll find in Tokyo! For those who prefer, you may also enter with a pay-as-you-go plan with a ¥1,000 entry fee, including one drink.

A Nice Seating Area to Enjoy Some Conversation
A Nice Seating Area to Enjoy Some Conversation

Once you pay the cover charge, you are stamped with a black light stamp and given a receipt. The stamp and receipt allow you free entry to the bar until five in the morning so if you decide that you want to go bar-hopping or get some food before returning to The Public stand, you can do so without paying anything extra. You can come and go at your pleasure and check out the different crowds as the night goes on!

This stamp is not limited to a single bar. Once stamped, you have access to all of The Public stands in Tokyo! With locations in Shinjuku, Ebisu, Ginza, Roppongi, Shibuya, and many more, Women can move around freely, while men can enter another location on the same night for ¥1,000 if you show your stamp and receipt. The Public stand is open until 5 AM at over 17 locations.

Beautiful Lights Found Inside
Beautiful Lights Found Inside

Unlimited drinking on weekdays for women varies from ¥540 to ¥1080 and for men from ¥2160 to ¥3780. If you arrive early the prices will be less so get started as soon as possible. They also have a pair discount for couples at certain times. These price ranges are current as of June 2019.

Check out the official website for access and pricing details.

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