Life-size Chopper (Photo: Jeradyne Cheong)

One Piece Mugiwara Store in Tokyo

The official One Piece merchandise shop

Life-size Chopper (Photo: Jeradyne Cheong)
Jeradyne Cheong   - 2 min read

If you happen to be a huge fan of the One Piece anime and you find yourself in Shibuya wondering where to go next, get yourself to the One Piece Mugiwara Store. It's a really exciting place for One Piece fans.

This is the first official One Piece Mugiwara Store in Tokyo and although it might not be as big as you would’ve imagined, it is definitely worth the visit if you’re a fan of the anime or manga. The entire store is dedicated to the One Piece anime and even the lampshades in the store are straw hats like the one worn by Monkey D. Luffy – the anime’s main character. Inside you’ll find every type of One Piece merchandise you can possibly think of – from plates and cups, stationery and bags to key-chains, plush toys, and even snacks and clothing and stickers and socks!

If you go in from the main entrance, there is an entire row on your left dedicated to One Piece gachapon machines so you can turn and crank on them to your heart’s content. They also make affordable souvenirs for your friends back home who are One Piece fans.

There is a section in the store filled with One Piece manga and you’ll be able to find any limited edition or newly released merchandise here. Another thing that fans will be very excited about is that other than normal-sized One Piece figurines you can bring home to put on your shelf, there are also life-size figurines of the characters that they can take pictures with. This store is basically a One Piece paradise.

To conclude your trip to the store, there is a One Piece themed sticker picture booth outside of the store on the right so that you’ll be able to capture the moment of this special day and bring it home with you to keep forever.

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