The Suica card (Photo: Suwannee Payne)

At Ease with Suica

Worry-free vacation in Tokyo with this IC card

The Suica card (Photo: Suwannee Payne)
Suwannee Payne   - 3 min read

Exploring Tokyo, you may have to get on and off the train several times a day. When reaching a busy hectic station and trying to figure out your route, maybe you'll be standing scratching your head in front of a train ticket machine, trying to find the right button to press and worrying about having the right change. If you come in a group or as a family with children, then the trouble multiplies with the number of people! That may be the difficulty that you will come across each time you have to take a train.

If you're in Tokyo for several days, and don’t want to waste time on those ticket machines there is a solution. For me, I think I would be confused in front of those machines and would spend a long time trying to figure them out. On top of that, each station might have different machines. For those who are not proficient in Japanese or English, you would spend a lot of time purchasing each ticket. So, I would recommend the Suica card that allows you to escape such difficult problems.

People who familiar with the Skytrain prepaid Card ‘Rabbit’ in Bangkok or the London Oyster cards will quickly understand; it is a contactless smart card similar to those ones.

The Suica Card is a kind of e-money. You purchase the card in advance and load it with cash. When the time comes to take the train, simply tap the card at the check-in machine at the entrance. The fare will then be deducted from your card. You can put more money on the card anytime. And what makes it better is that you can use it on any train of any company in Tokyo, not only the JR trains.

The benefits of the Suica card are not only making it easy for purchasing train tickets, you can also use it to buy food and drink in the trains, at some stores or vending machines that have the Suica sign on them.

The Suica card allows me to wander around Tokyo at ease and saves a lot of time. Goodbye train ticket machines. Hello Suica, I love you.

Note: The Suica card can also be used in Kyoto and Osaka.

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