The upper levels are well worth a visit, it's only then do you appreciate the sheer size of the building (Photo: Chris Barnes)

Awe-inspiring Views at Tokyo International Forum

An architectural masterpiece

Chris Barnes   - 1 min read

The Tokyo International Forum is a multi-purpose center which features some of the most aesthetically pleasing architecture in all of Tokyo.

Designed by architect Rafael​ Viñoly and completed in 1996, it features swooping curves of steel truss and glass; crisscrossed suspended walkways and a roof shaped like an elongated boat.

It features eight halls, the largest of which seats 5,000 people, an exhibition room, lobby, restaurants and shops. The venue has hosted some key events such as the World Bank and IMF annual meetings, the International Union of Architects world congress and is set to be the venue of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Weightlifting competition. For architecturally minded people, this is a must-see.

For those not so interested in architecture but appreciate a nice building nonetheless, it's well worth the visit if you're in the area. The Tokyo International Forum is nestled between Tokyo Station and Yurakucho Station in Marunouchi, Tokyo. Entry is free.

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