Perfect omelette (Photo: Jeradyne Cheong)

Buttery Omu-rice at Kissa You

Satisfaction on a plate: fried rice and omelette

Perfect omelette (Photo: Jeradyne Cheong)
Jeradyne Cheong   - 3 min read

I have never had an omu-rice before so I was very excited. I love eggs and I love rice so it didn’t seem like it could go wrong.

In case you didn’t already know, an omu-rice is considered a yō-shoku, which means it's a Western-influenced Japanese food. It is essentially ketchup-flavoured fried rice with an omelette that is usually topped with more ketchup. Some people wrap the fried rice in a thin omelette but others like the chef at Kissa You place a thick and runny omelette on top of the rice.

The inside of the restaurant is rather narrow but it does have a second floor upstairs. It is warmly lit and decorated quite charmingly with some western-style chairs. The staff were also very friendly. They have lunch and dinner sets here and since I was there during lunchtime, I ordered one of the lunch sets, which was basically an omu-rice with a drink. I went with iced coffee, which was pretty good.

When the omu-rice arrived I thought the omelette looked really cute and almost delicate. The outside was so smooth, and it was in a perfect shape, and it was kind of jiggly too. You can see the orange-colored ketchup fried rice peeping out from the bottom.

After admiring the omelette’s perfection for a couple of minutes I dug in. The omelette was so moist and buttery and delicious! It was cooked perfectly – not too runny but still very nice and creamy. The rice was average and didn’t really have anything else in it other than just plain ketchup flavored rice – the star was clearly the omelette.

Other than omu-rice they also have curry rice and two types of pasta, and other than coffee, you can also get ginger ale, tea, beer or iced green tea. All lunch set options are priced at ¥1,100 including tax. Personally, I wouldn’t consider this a meal that is value for money but it is definitely worth a try because their omelettes really are gloriously delicious.

The nearest station to Kissa You is the Higashi-Ginza Station, which is about a four minute walk away. It is very near to Kabuki-za, where you can catch a traditional kabuki show. Kissa You is also known to be quite popular among the Kabuki actors.

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