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Craft Hands
Febry Fawzi   - 4 min read

First of all, it’s kind of weird for me, as a muslim, write about this beer bar. But for sure, it will not make this place weird or unacceptable for every beer and wine addict. Located in kind of fancy area in the heart of Tokyo, Craft Hands is serving variety of Japanese beer on their tap, also some of the US and Belgian import beer. Besides the drink, things that need to be considered is their variety of food menu.

Every time visiting Japan, I really love to meet my local friends that based in the city. From the local, it’s so easy to get the best of what city can give. Once my friend invited me to go to his favourite beer bar in Tokyo, I said “Let’s go!”. Without a doubt, even it’s beer bar that I couldn’t taste but still I would love to go because I was expecting an intense atmosphere with a chic interior and friendly bartender, staff, or visitor, and in Tokyo.

Location is so strategic with only a minute walking from Azabu-Juban subway station. I’ve never been to this area before but I can tell that it’s quite lively part of the city. Craft Hands is gonna be easy to find because it’s located just in front of big road. You’ll see their sign on the entrance with crown, wine, beer, spoon & fork sign on their logo. Once you open the door, you can feel the intense atmosphere and warm welcome from the staff and if you are lucky, you’ll be greeted by the owner which is so friendly and able to made you any kind of drinks.

As a request, the owner which was the bartender made me a non-alcoholic drink. He mixed some refreshing fruits such as pineapple and orange. It was simple but so tasty and fresh. I could totally forgot how tired I was after wandered around Tokyo.

Besides the drink, they also offered us a welcome snack, which was an eggplant with the sausage. It was also nice taste and for a snack, it was a bit refreshing. Well maybe it’s seasonal, or maybe a mandatory. I don’t know but seems you need to get to know more by visiting.

Let’s talk about the menu, they offered mostly the affordable price, such as a wide variety of ¥500 small plates that ready to accompany your snacking time. That night, I tried Tuna & Avocado Pizza and Oyster Butter Grilled. They were simple but tasty foods. Don’t worry, there’s also English menu here.

This bar splits into two floors. On the first floor you can enjoy the selection of beer and the downstairs is special for wine. It’s quite small place but pretty modern. It’s open from Monday-Friday (5pm - 2am) and Saturday & Sunday (3pm - 2am). If you are looking for the ‘happy hour’, Price ranged here from ¥680 for a regular glass (270 ml) to ¥1100 for a large glass (450ml).

Well when I have no idea about how good is the beer taste in Craft Hands, I think it’s your turn to try and give it a shout on the comment here.

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