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Delish Takoyaki at Gindaco

The Starbucks of Takoyaki

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Caleb Cello   - 3 min read

Does takoyaki sound familiar to you? Takoyaki, which translates to grilled octopus, was first popularized in Osaka in 1935. Most people would simply describe it as octopus fried in balls of wheat batter but there is more to this Japanese street food.

These mouth-watering takoyaki balls are made in cast iron griddles shaped like egg cartons to achieve a perfect spherical shape. But don't let this little dough ball fool you! Its true wonder lies in the contrast of textures following a crisp battered exterior paving the way to a soft and creamy filling consisting of not only octopus but also flecks of tenkasu (tempura), pickled red ginger, and sliced scallions. A generous serving of up to eight balls is placed in a cardboard tray then drizzled with Japanese mayo and showered with aonori (green seaweed) and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) to complete the aesthetic look.

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If you haven't tried takoyaki yet, what better place to experience this street food other than in Gindaco. This famous local chain offers the best takoyaki in town and can be found in many shopping centers and train stations.

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For starters, you can never go wrong with their classic takoyaki but if you fancy a more unique taste, you may choose from a wide variety of toppings; from mentaiko (spicy cod roe) and cheese to curry sauce. And if you're looking to savor a fresh new take on takoyaki, watch out for their seasonal menu. Besides their famous takoyaki, some shops also serve okonomiyaki and yakisoba.

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Many Gindaco stores also pair their takoyaki with alcohol, mainly in the form of a highball or whisky. So, if you're looking for a quick yet perfect on-the-go snack, this one is worth every yen.

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