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Dining & Bar Kitsune

French-Japanese fusion cuisine and sake cocktails

Tom Roseveare
Tom Roseveare   - 2 min read

Re-opened in October 2014 following a major renovation, the new Dining & Bar Kitsune​ delivers a spectacular bar experience combining fusion cuisine and stylishly-lit interior. Kitsune is nestled between Shibuya, Ebisu and Hiroo, making this trendy nightspot a great location for crowds used to these central neighbourhoods.

Offering French-Japanese fusion cuisine alongside a wider selection of staple izakaya-style dishes, Dining & Bar Kitsune also proudly serves a strong selection of quality sakes and sake cocktails.

On the menu

With their French-inspired menu, why not try 'Sushine' – a creative and original dish combining sushi and French terrine, served on wooden lacquered sushi-geta. Try the Seafood and Salmon roe Sushine, the Seared Salmon Sushine, the Conger Sushine and the Maguro Tuna Sushine (all ¥700 each).

Kitsune also proudly serves more sushi options, including the Kitsune Sushi Roll (queen crab and cream cheese), the New York Roll (salmon and cream cheese), the California Roll (tuna, cream cheese and avocado) (all ¥650 each) and two kinds of assorted nigiri sushi plates (both ¥800 each).

Many other options round out the menu, including Grilled Beef Bavette with Balsamic Sauce, Brochette, Prosciutto, Grilled Duck and Grilled Japanese Beef being just a few highlights on the extensive Fish & Meat menu. An impressive number of Vegetarian options are also available, which should appeal to foreign customers.

A wide drinks selection is available, with a healthy selection of beers, wine, spirits and sakes well-stocked. Also worthy of note are the sparkling sakes and sake cocktails (including the Sake Mule and Sake Mojito, ¥600 each) available.

The vibe

Dining & Bar Kitsune has a huge interior, with different spaces that can be reserved and combined for groups, spread out around a central 360˚ island counter with LED lighting that can be customised ​depending on the season, mood or party on the night.

All this lends to a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere. All the menus and staff are English-friendly and Kitsune runs regular events suitable for international crowds too – be sure to check out their homepage for more event information.

Tom Roseveare

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