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Although Tokyo is often defined by its vibrant urban landscape, it is also home to a number of expansive parks where you can relax in nature.

In Shinagawa City, located in southern Tokyo along Tokyo Bay, you can enjoy various nature spaces that feature seasonal blooms and foliage, traditional landscaping, diverse plant life, and more—making it an excellent place to unwind among the trees. Find your next favorite nature retreat in our four suggested Shinagawa parks below!

Gotenyama Garden

Seasonal foliage and stunning cherry blossoms

Located within walking distance from Shinagawa Station and Keikyu Kita-Shinagawa Station, Gotenyama Garden is a Japanese-style garden popular for its preserved traditional appearance and beautiful cherry blossoms.

From the west side
From the west side (Photo: courtesy of Gotenyama Garden)

The garden boasts approximately 70 cherry trees, with the Gotenyama Cherry Blossom Festival offering the best chance to appreciate them each spring.

Photo: courtesy of Gotenyama Garden

In mid-November, the garden’s maple and gingko trees transform the area with their vibrant hues. The reflection of red, yellow, and green in the large pond creates a mesmerizing view. Enjoy a leisurely walk around the garden—about 15 minutes—and immerse yourself in the abundant nature, soothing sound of cascading water, and refreshing fragrance of the seasonal breeze.

Photo: courtesy of Gotenyama Garden

An intriguing highlight of the garden is its teahouse "Uji-an," designed by architect Arata Isozaki and built in 1992. Although it does not resemble a typical teahouse at first glance, its modern and stylish design—featuring a combination of round and square elements—stainless steel entrance doorway, and sleek doors all exude a captivating appeal.

Inside Uji-an
Inside Uji-an (Photo: courtesy of Gotenyama Garden)

Normally closed to the public, the teahouse occasionally opens its doors during special events.

Beloved by both local residents and workers in the area, Gotenyama Garden offers a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city, where you can enjoy the richness of nature and history simultaneously.

Gotenyama Garden Address: 4-7-35 Kita-shinagawa, Shinagawa City, Tokyo Opening hours: 6am–7pm URL:

Togoshi Park

History meets picturesque nature

Yakuimon Gate
Yakuimon Gate

Located just a few minutes' walk from Togoshi-koen Station or Shimo-shimmei Station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line, Togoshi Park invites you to embrace the beauty of its surroundings. The park's main gate, Yakuimon Gate, stands proudly at the entrance, while the Kabukimon Gate can be found on the east side.

The area surrounding Togoshi Park holds a historical significance dating back to the Edo period (1603–1868) and originally served as the residence of the Hosokawa family, lords of the Kumamoto domain. A garden was later constructed for this Togoshi residence. The mansion, although modest in structure, witnessed various activities such as falconry, pheasant hunting, and tea ceremonies.

Togoshi Park’s most notable feature is its circular design, allowing visitors to appreciate the picturesque scenery as they leisurely stroll around the central pond. On clear days, the pond reflects the landscape, enhancing the beauty of the park even further. During the autumn and winter seasons, around 40 long-tailed ducks migrate from the continent, adding to the enchanting atmosphere.

Exploring the park, you'll encounter a captivating waterfall and a serene shallow zone. The lush greenery and the gentle sound of running water awaken your senses, providing a truly rejuvenating experience.

Moreover, the plaza in front of the bridge offers exciting recreational facilities, including a large slide, swings, a sandbox, and outdoor exercise equipment.

Cherry blossoms in Ikemae Square
Cherry blossoms in Ikemae Square (Photo: courtesy of Togoshi Park)

In spring, the park comes alive with the blooming of 45 cherry trees, including Somei-yoshino cherry blossoms, providing a delightful spectacle for visitors.

Red weeping maple
Red weeping maple

During the autumn season, from late November to early December, the maple and ginkgo trees showcase their vibrant colors, attracting many who wish to capture the park's remarkable beauty through wedding photography.

For a refreshing break after your walk, stop by the Shinagawa Ward Environmental Learning Exchange Facility "ECORU"—opened in May 2022—and enjoy the facility’s exhibits, multipurpose space, and lounge.

Togoshi Park Address: 2-1-30 Yutakacho, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 142-0042 Parking: None

Rinshi No Mori Park

A tree-lover’s paradise

Situated on the border of Shinagawa and Meguro City, Rinshi No Mori Park used to be a location for forestry research, and today is still home to a number of rare trees. With over 200 species of both Japanese and foreign trees, the park offers a captivating display of nature's wonders.

One of the park's main attractions is its giant trees. A magnificent camphor tree, standing approximately 29 meters tall and over 100 years old, serves as the symbol of Rinshi No Mori Park.

Kawazu cherry blossoms
Kawazu cherry blossoms

In the grass plaza, the stunning Kawazu cherry blossoms bloom from mid-February to early March, providing a perfect setting for a peaceful and nature-filled retreat.

From Seseragi Bridge
From Seseragi Bridge

As you wander around the park, you'll come across the Seseragi Bridge, surrounded by a forest of cypress trees. In early to mid-November, the trees’ linear leaves transform into shades of red, creating a truly enchanting sight. Each season in the park holds its own unique beauty, with vibrant greenery in spring and the mesmerizing colors of autumn leaves in fall.

As you stroll along the path enveloped by greenery, accompanied by the soothing sound of running water, you may momentarily forget that you are still within the bustling city of Tokyo. Rinshi No Mori Park provides an ideal setting for all. Enjoy a leisurely stroll with a loved one, or enjoy finding the various plant species if accompanied by children.

Don't miss the Eucalyptus Garden in the Adventure Plaza, where you can observe a eucalyptus tree toppled by a strong 2011 typhoon. Park authorities left the tree in its natural state, so passersby can observe its slow return to nature.

The park also provides playground equipment such as slides and seesaws. Additionally, benches with tables and bicycle parking are available in the surrounding area, ensuring a comfortable experience for visitors with children. During mid-July to the end of August, the Splash Pond welcomes children of elementary school age and younger, offering a delightful water play experience.

A leisurely walk around the perimeter of Rinshi No Mori Park takes approximately 45 minutes.

Rinshi No Mori Park Address: 2 Oyamadai, Shinagawa City, Tokyo; 5 Shimomeguro, Meguro City, Tokyo Parking: None

Shinagawa Central Park

A natural haven in the heart of the city

Conveniently located just a one-minute walk from Shimo-shimmei Station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line, Shinagawa Central Park stands as an urban oasis within Shinagawa City. This expansive park offers a variety of attractions, including a sports plaza with a multipurpose square and tennis courts with paid facilities, a fountain plaza, and a disaster prevention plaza.

Fully bloomed cherry blossoms at "Multi-Purpose Square" and "Fountain Square of Fog"
Fully bloomed cherry blossoms at "Multi-Purpose Square" and "Fountain Square of Fog" (Photo: courtesy of Shinagawa Central Park)

Shinagawa Central Park has also gained popularity as a cherry blossom viewing spot, captivating visitors with its mesmerizing displays. As the season develops, witness the beauty and grace of Kanhi-zakura cherry blossoms (early March), Somei-yoshino cherry blossoms (late March) and Amanogawa cherry blossoms (early April).

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Shinagawa Central Park, where flowerbeds bloom with vibrant tulips, violas, and snapdragons in spring and marigolds and zinnias from summer to fall. With ample shady trees and benches, the park offers a tranquil setting to take a refreshing break.

Bouldering alley (free area)
Bouldering alley (free area)

The Mountain Fountain Plaza provides an opportunity for visitors of all ages to try bouldering for a more activity-focused visit.

Children can enjoy the playground equipment with a tunnel-shaped slide, and from the deck atop the stairs, you might catch a glimpse of the passing Shinkansen bullet train.

Shinagawa Central Park Address: 1-27-14 Nishi-shinagawa, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 141-0033, Japan Parking: None

If you are looking to experience the greener side of central Tokyo, be sure to stop by Shinagawa City and relax in its scenic parks.

Please note that the provided information is subject to change.

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