Discovering Cinnamoroll in Shinagawa City

A tour of the area's Cinnamoroll and friends spots

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Step into the whimsical realm of Shinagawa City, where the beloved Sanrio character ‘Cinnamoroll’ graces the skies with his adorable, big-eared flights.

Beyond the confines of animated wonder, Cinnamoroll takes on a real-world role as Shinagawa City's official tourism ambassador, infusing the district with his endearing charm. Join us on a delightful journey as we uncover the recommended spots within Shinagawa City, where the magic of encountering Cinnamoroll and his charming friends comes to life, offering a unique blend of fantasy and reality for visitors and locals alike.

Shinakan PLAZA

Cinnamoroll welcomes you! Shinakan PLAZA, the city's tourist information center

Located just a five-minute walk from the west exit of Ōimachi Station (JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, Tokyu Oimachi Line, and Rinkai Line), Shinakan PLAZA stands as a versatile tourist information center managed by the Shinagawa Tourist Association. Adorned with charming Cinnamoroll illustrations on its windows, the ambience is inviting and approachable, providing an ideal setting for visitors. Shinakan PLAZA is an excellent resource for gathering tourist information, offering a plethora of town walking guide maps and informative leaflets to enhance your exploration of the area.

As you step inside, a delightful surprise awaits—a large Cinnamoroll character seated on a bench, creating the perfect opportunity for a memorable photo session.

At Shinakan PLAZA, besides getting valuable tourist information, take a piece of Cinnamoroll home with you through their selection of local souvenirs. Among the offerings, the collaboration package featuring the irresistibly cute and popular Cinnamoroll with an assortment box of stick pie “coneri” stands out as a delightful gift choice. The tourist information center is not just a space for information; it's a hub for sharing Shinagawa City's allure from various perspectives. Additionally, make sure to explore the manhole cards (introduced further below) featuring Cinnamoroll – a distinctive touch that adds to the local flavor.

Shinakan PLAZA

  • Address: Oi 1-14-1, Shinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan
  • Business hours: 9:30–17:00
  • Closed: Sundays, National holidays, Year-end and New Year holidays

info&cafe SQUARE

Take a break with Cinnamoroll​​​​​​​ at "info&cafe SQUARE"

Distinguished by a prominent flying Cinnamoroll sign, info & cafe SQUARE is a community space seamlessly combining a cafe and tourist information center. Beyond serving an array of beverages and snacks, this multifunctional space also acts as a valuable resource for sightseeing information within Shinagawa City. Visitors not only get to savor a delightful cup of coffee but can also enrich their experience by accessing local insights and participating in engaging workshops hosted right in the heart of Shinagawa City.

Upon entering the store, your gaze will be captivated by a charming illustration of Cinnamoroll adorning the walls. In this delightful artwork, Cinnamoroll is portrayed joyfully exploring renowned landmarks in Shinagawa City, creating an atmosphere of happiness and whimsy.

Large stuffed Cinnamoroll dolls occupy the sofa and display spaces throughout the store. Capture delightful moments by taking photographs of Cinnamoroll, who proudly wears a T-shirt emblazoned with the word ‘Shinagawa’.

Experience the refreshing taste of 'Honey Lemon Squash', a beloved beverage from the menu. Made with finely chopped lemons, this drink strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, offering a delightful treat to your taste buds. To add to the experience, our coasters feature charming designs of Cinnamoroll, providing an extra layer of joy for Cinnamoroll lovers!

The walls of the store are decorated with a variety of sightseeing brochures, showcasing the various attractions of Shinagawa City. Whether you're looking for a moment of rest during your exploration of the town or planning a scenic walking route, the abundance of information available makes it a great place to stop. Like Shinakan PLAZA, the store not only offers a range of souvenirs from Shinagawa City, allowing you to take a piece of the district home with you but also distributes adorable Cinnamoroll manhole cards.

info&cafe SQUARE

  • Address: Square Ebara 1F, 4-5-28 Ebara, Shinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan
  • Business hours: 11:00–18:00
  • Closed: Wednesdays and New Year's holidays
  • URL:

Cinnamoroll Room - Ours Inn Hankyu

Rooms and amenities are all Cinnamoroll​​​​​​​, Ours Inn Hankyu "Cinnamoroll Room"

The Twin Hall at Ours Inn Hankyu is conveniently located in front of Oimachi Station and is a wonderful surprise for Cinnamoroll fans. Since its opening in August 2017, this hotel has become a popular haven for both local and international enthusiasts. The hotel's charm lies in the presence of two special collaboration rooms, the Sky Room and Forest Room, each offering a unique and enchanting experience. Upon entering, guests are warmly greeted by the presence of plush Cinnamoroll dolls, which add a touch of whimsy and create a delightful atmosphere that resonates with fans of the beloved Cinnamoroll.

The Sky Room is designed with beautiful shades of blue and white and takes inspiration from the ethereal world where Cinnamoroll took his first flight. The room evokes a dreamlike atmosphere, as if you're imagining the distant sky above the clouds. You'll notice delightful touches like lamps and bed headboards crafted in fluffy white cloud shapes that add to the celestial ambience.

The Forest Room is themed around shades of green, with a design that evokes the imagery of a forest where Cinnamoroll and his cute friends gather. The room has been meticulously crafted to ensure every detail is perfect, from the green-covered lamps to the plush green cushions, all of which come together to create a truly immersive woodland atmosphere. The Sky and Forest Rooms both bear the personal touch of Miyuki Okumura, the designer of Cinnamoroll and feature original autographs that add a special dimension to the decor. To add an element of fun and discovery, a hidden Cinnamoroll figure awaits in the room, inviting guests to relax and embark on a delightful search for this charming surprise.

The Cinnamoroll Room at Ours Inn Hankyu offers a special amenity, adding an extra layer of joy and excitement to the themed Sky and Forest Rooms. The contents of this delightful amenity are updated annually around December. The amenities for December 2023 include a stuffed animal, hand towel, lunch tote, stacking mug, pen, acrylic stand key holder, and drinking water. Exclusive to these rooms, you can find all the original items. They are adorable and practical for everyday use, so don't miss them!

Ours Inn Hankyu Twins

Cinnamoroll Manhole Covers and Manhole Cards

"Design Manhole & Manhole Cards" found around Shinagawa City

Embark on an adventure by exploring the charming world of manhole covers along the streets. While strolling through Shinagawa City, keep an eye out for the delightful surprise of encountering cute Cinnamoroll-themed manholes. There are eight designs, each featuring illustrations related to its specific installation location. So, why not make your journey even more whimsical by seeking out these endearing manhole covers on your next walk?

These manholes are placed in various locations throughout Shinagawa City, including Oimachi, Oi-keibajyou, Musashi Koyama, Osaki, Tennozu Isle, and Shimbamba Station. A Manhole Search Through Shinagawa provides detailed information about the specific locations of these manholes. Don't miss the opportunity to explore and uncover the unique Cinnamoroll-themed manhole cover!

Two types of manhole cards with unique designs, the 'Oimachi Sky Design' and the 'Musashi Koyama Bamboo Shoots Design,' are being distributed in Shinagawa City. These collectable cards have gained a significant fan following nationwide. In Shinagawa City, the Sky designs are available for distribution at Shinakan PLAZA, and the bamboo shoots are distributed at info&cafe SQUARE.

Gotanda Cultural Center

Let's take a picture with a Cinnamoroll​​​​​​​ object! Gotanda Cultural Center

The Gotanda Cultural Center is a versatile cultural center that offers a planetarium, music hall, and the Gotanda Library. The center's first-floor lobby presents a remarkable sight to visitors with a large Cinnamoroll installation. Created in 2017 for an illumination event in Oimachi, Cinnamoroll has become a promotional icon for Shinagawa City's tourism ambassador. Visitors can take memorable photos with the three-dimensional Cinnamoroll installation. Cinnamoroll adds an adorable and impressive touch to the cultural center's ambiance.

Gotanda Cultural Center

  • Address: 6-5-1 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan
  • Opening hours: 8:30–21:30 (until 17:00 on Sundays and national holidays)
  • Closed: 4th Monday of each month and year-end and New Year holidays
  • URL:

Shinagawa City Office

Cinnamoroll​​​​​​​ found on photo panels, in nursing rooms, and on birth certificates "Shinagawa City Office"

At the Shinagawa City Office, you can find photo panels featuring Cinnamoroll, the Shinagawa Tourist Ambassador, installed on the second-floor free space. This creative addition provides a delightful opportunity for visitors to capture memorable moments, making it an ideal backdrop for celebrating special events like transfers or marriages.

Discover the comforting presence of Cinnamoroll and friends in the nursing rooms located on the 3rd and 7th floors of the main building. Adorned with Cinnamoroll-themed wallpaper and door designs, these spaces provide a serene and relaxing environment for caregivers and children. Furthermore, the delightful touch of Cinnamoroll extends to services such as marriage registration, birth registration, and parent-child health handbook.

Since 2019, the ‘Birth Registration for Commemorative with Babies’ has been distributed to those who have submitted a birth registration to the Shinagawa City Office, offering a cherished keepsake for families to preserve at home. Crafted with thick, three-fold mounts, the book is designed for long-term preservation. With dedicated entry fields mirroring the birth notification process, families can add commemorative photos, handprints or footprints, growth records, and heartfelt messages from family members.

Shinagawa City Office

For your next visit to Shinagawa City

Shinagawa City is a wonderful place where you can find delightful spots to meet Cinnamoroll and his friends! Keep an eye out for Cinnamoroll because he occasionally makes special appearances at events like festivals and residents' days, bringing an extra dose of joy to the community. Visit Shinagawa City and be sure to look for Cinnamoroll's charming presence!

※Please note that the restaurants' business hours and offerings are subject to change.


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