Sushi with shrimp tempura (Photo: Kasia Szumna)

Genki Sushi

Assorted sushi on a budget

Sushi with shrimp tempura (Photo: Kasia Szumna)
Kasia Szumna   - 3 min read

Popular Genki Sushi chain offers a budget meal which you can order in a fun and easy way. This high-tech Shibuya sushi shop has no waiters, yet service is fast.

You might feel like you have been transported to the future when visiting this revolutionary sushi place. Upon being shown to your table, you get a small board indicating your seat number. You choose all your meals on the multilingual touch screen in front of you. Photos of available items make ordering easier. There are a lot of options and majority of the sushi plates cost no more than ¥100 (without tax). They are quite small, so do not hesitate and order many different types of sushi. It is fun to try new varieties! Only special seasonal dishes have a slightly higher price.

Aside from sushi, you can choose from many desserts and drinks including alcoholic beverages. Water and Matcha are free. If you do not like sushi or your kids prefer something less "exotic," there are other options like fried chicken, french fries or pasta. Customers who are not crazy about fish can order 'meat sushi' or a bowl of a hot ramen soup.

Within minutes after you place your order, a small plate of sushi is delivered to your table on a high-speed conveyor belt. It is a very convenient and innovative way of serving food, which has became popular, not only among tourists but also among locals. There are two Genki Sushi restaurants in Shibuya and they are located close to one another. Lunch and dinner times are usually crowded and you would have to wait a while to be served. It is better to come before the busy hours. However, if there is a long line at the door, do not worry. These lines move quickly and you would find yourself seated soon enough. If you are coming with a big group, seating might be a bit problematic as the charis are organized in long rows, often with one or two free seats together.

The food is delicious. A cheap sushi meal is rare in Tokyo, so I have no complaints. The best thing about Genki Sushi is that the meals are delivered fast and you have a lot of options to choose from.

For more information, you can take a look at the official website here.

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