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Good Town Doughnuts

Sweet and Savory Donut Heaven located in Shibuya

Michael Ying
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Continuing Japan's obsession with all things truly American, Good Town Doughnuts in Shibuya makes some of the best tasting doughnuts in all of Tokyo. These are not Japanese style doughnuts or a chain recipe, these donuts are the real deal. Freshly baked everyday, Good Town Doughnuts continues the tradition of American style sweets in remarkable fashion.

Cat Street connects the Harajuku and Shibuya neighborhoods, and is home to many unique stores and restaurants. The surrounding area of Cat Street has its own style different from downtown Shibuya or Takeshita street, and is heavily influenced by urban American culture. Good Town Doughnuts fits right into this Brooklyn-esque style with its American flag decorations, old tile walls, and wooden furniture. Luckily the lovely design of the shop is second to the amazing taste of its food.

The doughnuts are warm and gooey, with enough substance to fill you up. Some of the modern doughnut chain donuts are expensive and thin, and are basically big circles of pure sugar. The doughnuts here are similar to the small shops of America that come in the iconic pink box. These are doughnuts that police officers all over America enjoy with their coffee. Good Town has also taken a page out of the Portland style doughnut shops and have their own delicious concoctions including the "Kyoto Uji Matcha" doughnut, which is a Japanese green tea flavored doughnut, a Maple Bacon doughnut which is a staple American Northwestern recipe, and the "California Strawberry Lemonade" which tastes just as amazing as the name implies.

Good Town also serves "Homebaked" Meals on their menu which include the iconic two-egg breakfast of classic American diners, a bacon cheddar muffin, and different freshly made paninis. Their grilled cheese panini looks particularly good, and is toasted to perfection.

Good Town serves expressos, Americanos, and lattes, and they sell whole-bean coffee as well. They have teas, tea lattes, and even root beer which is a hard find in Japan. The beer menu only consists of Brooklyn IPA and Brooklyn Lager, so Good Town isn't the place to spend an evening drinking with friends, but since the shop is in the middle of Harajuku and Shibuya there won't be any problem finding another bar to lounge at. But in the meantime, Good Town Doughnuts will do more than satisfy your hunger - the shop's atmosphere and recipes will surely bring a smile to your face.

Michael Ying

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