Hachioji Gingko Festival

Admire the yellow leaves each autumn

Nov 16
Nov 17
Venue: Hachioji City When: Nov 16th - Nov 17th 2020 , 10:00am - 5:00pm

Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Japan, conjuring up images of beautiful red landscapes and falling leaves. But the gingko tree is also a fairly common site across the country and during late November in Hachioji, you'll have the chance to admire over 4km of them.

Planted in the Showa period when the city started expanding, these gingko trees line the route between Hachioji and Mount Takao. In what promises to be a great day for the family, expect to see festival food stalls with regional wares, as well as a variety of activities, including a bazaar and classic car parade, as well as 'Sekisho Orienteering', where participants can use their Tsuta Tegata passes to pass through traditional sekisho checkpoints in celebration of this ancient custom.

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