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Haunted House “Onryou Zashiki”

Be prepared for a spine-chilling experience at Tokyo Dome City

Photo: Vivid Creations
Ignatius Koh   - 2 min read

"Onryo Zashiki" is a new haunted house attraction opened on 20 April this year, produced by renowned horror producer Mr. Gomi Hirofumi, and is available at Tokyo Dome City Attractions, LaQua Zone.

With “Onryo” meaning “revengeful spirit”, and “Zashiki” referring to a type of Japanese spirit that resides in Japanese homes, this new title overflows with Japanese horror culture. The experience is also available in English, Chinese, and Korean, letting non-Japanese get a full taste of true Japanese horror.

“The theme and story setting this time is something I wanted non-Japanese and visitors to Japan to experience as well, and take this “Japanese culture” back with them. [so] we decided to offer it in other languages as well," says Mr. Gomi.

The story revolves around a vengeful spirit called Yoko, whose fiance cheated on her and subsequently killed her and buried her underneath the house. From that day onwards, those who moved into the house would hear a female voice, full of vengeance, coming from beneath the floor every night.

Upon entering the house, participants will relive the tragedy that occurred between them (in the shoes of the fiance) and their past lover, Yoko. Even till today, the stinging grudge remains; having your shoes removed will leave you vulnerable and exposed to the hauntings, intensifying your fears tenfold. For a price of ¥820, you can receive the ultimate scare of your life in Tokyo.

If you're a fan of haunted houses, head over to Tokyo Dome City just a short walk from Korakuen or Suidobashi Station to test your courage and face your fears today.

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